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Courtney Home Inspection



TREC# 23157

Courtney Home Inspections, PLLC provides Georgetown, Round Rock, and all other surrounding cities with residential home inspection services to homeowners and buyers, real estate investors, and real estate agents.

Buying or selling your home can be an unsettling process. By knowing what areas of your home need to be addressed, repaired, or replaced, you will greatly reduce your anxiety about this process. 

By having your home inspected by Courtney Home Inspections you will receive an unbiased and honest report explaining the areas of concern on your home.

Courtney Home Inspections will provide just that. I provide a visual and working inspection of the following.

  • Appliances   
  • Heating and A/C systems
  • Roof and Attic
  • Electrical Systems
  • Plumbing and fixtures
  • Windows and Doors
  • Interior and exterior surfaces
  • Structural Integrity

For a detailed list of inspected items please click here.

Client Reviews

Top 3 reasons to get a Home Inspection!

                                  The benifits and peace of mind are well worth the invested cost!   

1. When purchasing a home.

When buying your home hiring Courtney Home Inspections is a necessity. Every home has issues, some are minor and easy to repair, some are major and very costly to repair or replace. When you get your report you will have the information necessary to make the right decision on your new home. Have the peace of mind when you make that home purchase.

2. Before selling your home.

Consider having a pre-sale home inspection on your home. Your inspection report will give you the information that you need to make any minor or major repairs to your home before putting it on the market. This small cost up front will help avoid big headaches later during the negotiation period when you find that buyer.

3. Before your 1 year warranty is up!

After buying a new constructed home, you will most likely receive from the builder a one-year year warranty on all systems of the house and that may cover any cosmetic defects you  find. It is a good idea to have your new home inspected before the end of the eleventh month to make sure your home and its systems are performing they way they should be. Courtney Home Inspections will make sure your home and its systems are inspected and performing as intended. I will also go the extra mile to look at any cosmetic issues that may go unnoticed by the untrained eye.